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QA Craft for Jira introduces a new, revolutionary view that helps you find yourself in the test structure.  Our trees are available in various places, like the Navigation panel or Test Result panel, showing selected issues with their "parents" or "children".

What's most important, QA Craft for Jira also provides a new view that will make browsing the issues easier for user.

Instead of the lengthy issue list, there is a complex tree - thanks to that, there is more space for important data. A tree root is a project - after clicking on it, you will be moved to the dashboard to see charts with chosen stats.

When you use right-click, there will be shown a context menu like that:

Open in a new tabChosen issue will be open in the new tab, also in tree view mode.
MoveChosen issue will be transferred into a clipboard, you can paste it to a suitable parent, then it will be removed from the previous structure. It works similarly to standard cut operation.
CopyChosen issue will be copied into a clipboard, you can paste this copy to a suitable parent, then it will stay also in the previous structure.
PasteThe issues from the clipboard will be connected in chosen structure using existing or new objects.
CloneRuns the cloning action. You can choose which objects will be cloned, to which project and if there will be also cloned connection to requirements.
DeleteRemoves chosen issue
Expand allShows all issues on the tree.
Collapse allHide all issues on the tree, you will only see the roots (projects).
RefreshRefreshes the tree.

There are also available drag&drop actions, which will move chosen issues into a new place. It can be used for changing orders or transfer them from parent to parent. If any operation is incorrect, it won't be executed (like moving Test Case to Test Plan instead of Test Suite).

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