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QA Craft Rebuild Structure mechanism could resolve many connection issues. In case of any problems, try to use it for troubleshooting.

QA Craft for Jira uses many objects which are connected in structures and indexed. On a daily basis, it manages them on its own, but something might happen wrongly and some connections could be breached. A resolution of that problem is the Rebuild Structure mechanism. Rebuilding the structures and statistics ensures high-quality data and the highest performance of QA Craft for Jira. You should use it if you made any operations on data, like:

  • reconstruction from backup,
  • updating to a newer version,
  • database reconstruction,
  • changes with a plugin turned off,
  • moving issues in the structure.

To rebuild the structure, follow these steps:

  1. Open Manage apps from the admin drop-down menu.
  2. In the QA Craft Config section set the QA Craft Rebuild Structure tab.
    Then you should see such form.
  3. Choose if the rebuild operation should be executed instantly or at a suitable time.
  4. If you select scheduled operation, choose an execution date.
  5. Select the projects which will be included in the operation
  6. Additionally, you can set the date range. Then the mechanism will reduce proceeded data, so the operation will be faster and will respond to your current needs. If you left that field empty, the whole data will be rebuild.
  7. Click Run to start the process.

The execution time depends on the amount of data in the project.

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