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The QA Craft for Jira add-on introduces a special project type, dedicated to managing and executing tests. It will be already connected to QA Craft's schemes, offer new panels, metrics or options and provide full functionality. You can create a new project dedicated to test management or convert the existing one.

Project creation

  1. Choose Create project from Project menu or Create QA Craft project from QA Craft menu.
  2. Ensure that, the QA Craft project is selected on the window and click Next.
  3. Click Select to approve proposed issue types and workflow used in the project.
  4. Type project name, identification key and choose project leader. Click Submit to create the project.

Project conversion

  1. Choose Add QA Craft to existing project from QA Craft menu.
  2. Find the project that you want to convert
  3. Click Convert to QA Craft project on the last column

If you need to realize that project manually, follow the steps:

  1. Add to project issue type schema the following issue types: Test Plan, Test Suite, Test Case, Bug, Story.
  2. Add to project workflow scheme following workflows:
    • QACRAFT Test Plan Workflow
    • QACRAFT Test Suite Workflow
    • QACRAFT Test Case Workflow
    • QACRAFT Bug Workflow
    • QACRAFT Story Workflow
    and assign issue types to workflows.
  3. Associate issue types with screen schemes:
    • Test Plan with QACRAFT: Test Plan Screen Scheme
    • Test Suite with QACRAFT: Test Suite Screen Scheme
    • Test Case with QACRAFT: Test Case Screen Scheme
    • Story with QACRAFT: Story Screen Scheme
    • Bug with QACRAFT: Bug Screen Scheme

Such instruction is also available on the project conversion page.

QA Craft Navigation Panel

When you open any issue connected with QA Craft for Jira, you will see a dedicated panel. It will show you the parents of the current issue and allow you to disconnect the current issue from the structure or go to Tree View.

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