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Meet us

If you are interested in getting to know Decision Tables for Jira add-on better - feel free to contact our Plugin Officer:

Tomasz Lewandowski
Communication Manager


Get Help

You can contact us via:

Please contact our Support Team in case of:

  • you find what appears to be a bug in Decision Tables.

  • you have a general configuration issue with Decision Tables.

When contacting the Support Team, please include the following information:

Jira Version

To find your Jira version, navigate to Applications from the Jira Administration Menu.

The version number is also visible in your Jira footer.

Decision Tables Version

To find your product version:

  1. Navigate to Manage Apps from the Jira Administration Menu.

  2. In the Manage Apps section, locate Decision Tables and expand the information. The Installed Version will be displayed.

Support Zip

If you need the information on creating a support zip, see the Atlassian Create a Support Zip documentation:

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